Kojic acid soap 165g

A homemade CP soap enriched with 7% kojic acid soap. The highest of any brand available on the market today. In addition, our soap contains alpha arbutin and beta carotene to enhance its anti-hyperpigmentation activity.

Our soap aids in:

Visibling reducing signs of hyperpigmentation.

Minimizing age spots and minor scars.

Treating active acne and steroid-induced acne.

 This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin. In addition to skin-lightening effects. 

Other hero ingredients:

Alpha arbutin at 1% (skin lightening agent akin to hydroquinone without the harmful side effects. Scientifically proven to show results in 3 months from 70% of participants in test group)

Beta carotene at 0.5% ( Antioxidant that fights off free radicals that promote skin sagging and wrinkle formation)

Coconut oil at 30% ( rich in vitamin E and lauric acid that assists in making your skin smooth, reduce inflammation and assist in wound healing)

Weight: -+165g

How to use:

Lather to the body and/or face and leave for 30 seconds. Gently wash off and apply your favourite mosituriser. Note: it can be quite drying for most individuals, therefore its recommended to moisturize with a heavy cream. 

PLEASE NOTE: Paper labelling has been removed due to colour discolouration.